Pre-school aged children now have the opportunity to learn important life skills in a fun and exciting way! Jindo Martial Arts, located in Tonawanda, has been the home of a very successful Lil’ Dragons program since 2010. Lil’ Dragons is a unique martial arts curriculum, designed especially for children ages three through six. The program not only teaches students the basic martial arts tenets of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and spirit, but also reinforces life lessons, including the importance of exercise and healthy living, safety, cooperation, and more. This program develops a child's mental skills such as listening, focus, memory and vocabulary. It will help them physically with their balance, coordination, timing, distancing, strength and flexibility. Socially, they'll learn character traits like cooperation, respect, self-discipline/control and sportsmanship. And finally, it will cultivate emotional skills, such as properly dealing with and managing anger and excitement.

Small World also offers programs run by outside organizations to further enhance your child's development...and fun! 

Mighty Kicks offers Premier Introductory and Mobile Soccer Programs for kids. Our enthusiastic and experienced instructors teach basic soccer skills by using age-appropriate games, drills, and exercises. The sessions are healthy, educational and FUN! The team atmosphere builds socialization and Life Skills at an important developmental age. Our Programs introduce the positive character strengths that are proven to have a direct impact on achievement and success in sports, school and life.