Enrollment Process

We are so happy for you to join our Small World family!  Your first step is to contact the location you would like to enroll at and set up a tour to see our facility and meet our amazing teachers.  You may use our contact page to set up a tour and give a little information, such as the age group you need to enroll, schedule needed etc. Below you can download the necessary forms needed to enroll at the center.  Once enrolled, download the ClassDojo app to check on your child's day, read Small World's monthly newsletter, and see any other posts and center updates!We look forward to meeting you and your precious little ones!

Enrollment Forms

Click the corresponding button to the left to download the forms you need.

Infant Packet- This is Small World's infant room enrollment packet.  NYS infant rooms are for children 6 weeks to 18 months. If your Child will be 18 months at the time of enrollment, please choose the toddler packet.

Tod/PreK/SA- This is Small World's enrollment packet for our Toddler Room (18 months-3 years), Preschool & Pre-K (ages 3-5), and our School Age/Latchkey (ages 6-12 years)

OCFS Enrollment- This form is a required for enrollment by NYS Office of Children and Family Services.  All ages (6wks-12yrs) are required to have this form.  

Medical Statement- Required for ages 6wks-5yrs, this medical statement is needed from your child's pediatrician.  

Medication Consent- â€‹Small World has MAT (Medication Administration Training) trained staff available if your child needs medication given and/or kept at our center.  This form is required to give the medication- there is a portion needed to be filled out by your pediatrician, as well as a part for the parent and the center.  Medications needed may include but are not limited to Epi-Pens, antibiotics, inhalers/nebulizers, etc.  Please be sure to match your prescription with your medication.  For example, if your pediatrician prescribes Tylenol, it must be Tylenol brand with the matching strength brought in.  

Assessment Consent- Along with a healthy and safe environment, your child's development is very important to us.  We use Ages & Stages Questionnaires as well as our own developmental and academic assessments created at Small World.