Our Mission

 Dedicated to the development of each unique individual with love,patience, and understanding

* Safe, secure, keyless entry.
Computer sign in and tracking

* Always exceeding USDA standards- check out our nutrition page to see!

​* Android/ iPhone Small World App for daily information

* Conscientious, friendly, attentive staff

* Ages six weeks to twelve years

* Celebrating over Thirty years of the finest quality child care

* Graduates of The Niagara County Early Childcare Quality Improvement Project

About Us
  Our mission at Small World Too is to provide quality, developmentally appropriate programs for children in a safe, secure environment.  Through our child-sensitive program we encourage and enhance all aspects of a child’s development.  It is our intent to make your workweek as easy and worry free as possible. 
At Small World Too, children gain independence and self-control by learning to trust others and by learning the appropriate ways to take initiative while respecting others.  Children are also encouraged to make decisions, use reasoning skills, practice listening, explore their environment, and to express, understand and handle their feelings.
Small World Too focuses on helping young children build self-esteem, have positive attitudes, and demonstrate pro-social behavior. By encouraging children to help each other, to express how they feel and by promoting cooperation instead of competition, we achieve this.